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Preparing for Poultry Red Mite Field Trials

9 March 2018 | Markets
Photograph of the TyraTech team preparing for field trials in France against the poultry red mite Dermanyssus gallinae. This is the most significant laying hen pest in Europe. Most countries have an infestation level above 90%. The annual cost to European poultry production is estimated at ~€240M. In parallel, the team met egg and swine...

Inside the Lab!

2 March 2018 | News
This is a photo of our team performing market support trials on our personal insect repellent Guardian. The methodology used is the tried and trusted ‘arm in cage’ protocol. Each individual represents their own control with one arm protected by repellent and the other untreated. Guardian is supported by a rich, scientific data set including...
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The Future’s Bright

26 February 2018 | Industry
A recent Rabobank report forecasts a promising outlook for the global poultry industry—with some regions of the world expecting growth in excess of 5%. However, any push for increased production must be matched with the increasing consumer drive for reduction of synthetic pesticides and antibiotics, clean food, and reduced environmental impact. Starting from the successful...

Outsmart® equine pests…

13 February 2018 | Product News
Flying insects; house flies, stable flies & mosquitoes are a major nuisance for horses and their owners. TyraTech is delighted to provide its plant based repellent technology to this engaging & devoted market to alleviate the problem of these annoying and troublesome pests. Building on its ongoing relationship with equine specialist SmartPak TM, who market...

PureScience Progress

5 February 2018 | Product News
Another pallet of PureScience Poultry Mite Dust rolls off the production line in Louisiana destined for our sales partner MWI. This product will be used to treat northern fowl mite infestations in laying chickens in the USA. The TyraTech sales team continues to receive excellent feedback concerning the performance of the product in the field....

TyraTech attends International Poultry Show

29 January 2018 | Industry
As we move forward with our presence in the poultry market, we shall be attending the IPPE (International Production and Processing Expo) in Atlanta 30 Jan – 1 Feb. Drop us a line if you would like to meet up to discuss the PURESCIENCE range of parasite control products.
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Vamousse product portfolio in France

Vamousse Now Available in France

12 September 2016 | Product News
French consumers can now experience the next generation of lice treatment with Vamousse. Pharmacies in France have begun to carry the Vamousse portfolio of pesticide-free products: Lice Treatment, Lice Prevention shampoo, and Lice Elimination home cleaning powder. Information for consumers in-market is featured on the newly launch Vamousse website at